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General information

Pondres stands for quality and a quick and qualitative processing of assignments. To maintain a high standard it is important that the supplied files meet our specifications. This prevents unnecessary delays and additional costs. We therefore request you to read the following delivery specifications carefully. Of course changing deliveries and agreements is possible after consultation with Account Support and it may lead to additional costs. Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask your regular contact person or mail us at



Pondres uses an sFTP protocol as standard delivery tool. Address files must be supplied in CSV, TXT or XML. 

Technical specifications datafiles

  • Each address file is accompanied by a record layout (for fixed-length files) 
  • If field names are used, all field names must be filled in.
  • Field names are unique and clear, and match the variable data used. 
  • Do you want to add personalizations? Then gender, initials, suffixes, first name and surname must be provided in separate fields.
  • If a file check is required, house number, house number additions, zip code, residence and country name or code must be provided in separate fields. 
  • For foreign addresses (abroad), delivery of country name and / or code in a separate field is required.
  • To prevent errors with diacritic characters data delivery is preferably supplied in Windows code page 1252 or UTF-8
  • For repeat orders the record layout of each order must be the same.  

Letters and text files


  • Letters will always be supplied as Word or TXT-file.
  • If a variable item has to be added, such as a first name or salutation, always specify where the variable item should be located, preferably clearly marked.
  • Always use the field names as provided in data files.
  • The layout is based on the supplied documentation (e.g, corporate identity or hardcopy).
  • For quick, error-free proofing, we request that you provide separate footage (writing paper, envelopes) in pdf-form. 

Technical guidelines

  • Images and signatures are delivered separately.
  • Formulas and/or calculations are delivered separately.
  • Tables cannot be delivered as an image.



We require ‘print ready’ (formatted) files, preferably as certified cPDF, version /X-3. This way images and colours keep their original colour values; any transparency will be smoothed. Pondres can perform text or colour corrections. If desired, source files (Adobe InDesign) should be submitted as well. 

Layout instructions

  • If source files are provided, all fonts, illustrations and graphics must be included (Package InDesign).
  • Cutting marks are added and, if applicable, a minimum of 3 mm run is used.
  • Images for brochures are not submitted at imposition or a spread, but as in the regular page order.
  • Create a die cut line and /or crease line in a separate layer and in a spot colour (such as 100% magenta).
  • Compress the files (zip) and indicate which program(s) have been used upon delivery
  • We recommend FOGRA 39 as a colour profile.


Logos, illustrations & images

Seperate images should be submitted as follows: 

  • TIFF, 300ppi. 
  • JPEG, 300 ppi at 100%.
  • BMP, 1200 ppi at 100%. 
  • Adobe Illustrator EPS.

Points of attention with regard to colour

  • Deliver corporate styles as a spot colour (not RGB).
  • Images are delivered in CMYK. 
  • Do not change PMS colours to CMYK. The PMS colour will be accessed by its own PMS colour library of our colour production systems. Please note: PMS values can only be printed approximately.
  • In contrast to print, the value of CMYK is 'full black' 0/0/0/100. Use this value upon delivery. For gray shades only use black without adding CMY. 
  • Prevent transparency; these must be smoothed beforehand with the pdf/X-3 job option.



To facilitate the delivery of your goods as efficiently as possible the following steps are to be taken.

Step 1    Pre-notification goods

We would like to receive a delivery notification in advance using the form. Specific demands:

  • The pre-notification form must be present at Pondres at least two work days before the actual delivery date.
  • The articles, numbers and delivery agreement must correspond to the physical delivery.

Step 2    Packing slip

Every delivery must be accompanied by a packing slip with the following information:

  • Delivery number (as specified in the pre-notification).
  • Item description and code.
  • Total amount delivered per item.
  • Number of pallets or individual packages.
  • EAN-code and/or expiry date if applicable.

Every pallet or package must be provided with a unique identification so that we can determine to which delivery it belongs.

Step 3    Delivery

  • Deliveries are made on Euro pallets or individual packages; block pallets, CHEP-pallets or other load carriers are not permitted. Euro pallets are exchanged immediately upon delivery for undamaged empty Euro pallets.
  • Delivery is made on stable pallets of 80 x 120 cm with a long-running lower deck and a maximum height of 150 cm (pallet included). Freight may not protrude beyond the pallet. Maximum weight per pallet is 600 kg.
  • Individual packages cannot be larger than 40 cm x 40 cm x 50 cm and heavier than 15 kg
  • Individual packages heavier than 15 kg and / or larger than 1 cubic meter are delivered on a pallet.
  • Only homogeneous pallets are stored in the (bulk) warehouse; in case of a delivery with mixed pallet content (multiple items on one pallet), Pondres will restack these pallets.
  • Packages (for example boxes) must contain one type of item and must at least have a description, number and item number.
  • Parties are provided with equal numbers per box. Outer cartons must be identical in size.
  • An item is provided with a barcode; the article number is specified in advance. Other barcodes must be taped or removed.
  • If there is an outer carton, the consumer unit must be clearly indicated when it is notified.
  • The barcode must be legible. That means that the numerical value of the barcode is printed under the barcode and the barcode can be scanned.
  • Fragile items are supplied fully packaged in a way that damage is minimized. Products must be protected against dust, dirt and moisture. Pondres has the right to return at the expense of the seller those products that are not packed in accordance with the set requirements.
  • Textiles or articles made of other materials easily damaged by moisture or dirt must be packed in a closed polybags or boxes. Both the packaging and the item must be provided with the unique barcode.

Our opening times for delivering goods are Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM and Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Outside these hours delivery is only possible afterconsultation.

Pay attention:

Due to fire safety, we cannot store or ship the following goods:

Explosives such as:

  • ammunition
  • firework
  • ignition equipment
  • fuses
  • battle hats for counterfeit weapons
  • weapons and guns


Compressed gas (combustible and non-combustible) such as:

  • spray cans
  • gas canisters
  • lighters
  • fire extinguishing equipment with compressed gas


Flammable liquids such as:

  • gasoline, spirit
  • flammable solvents and paint
  • cleaning agents
  • varnish / varnish removers


Flammable solids such as:

  • all types of matches
  • cellulose nitrate films
  • substances that are dangerous when they get wet


Oxidizing substances such as:

  • substances that produce oxygen quickly
  • organic peroxides such as hair dye and textile dye
  • bleach
  • glue and adhesive


Toxic substances / infectious substances such as:

  • drugs and drugs
  • pesticides
  • bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.


Radioactive material such as:

  • medical samples, unless specially packaged
  • research samples of radioactive origin 


Corrosive substances such as:

  • cleaning fluids
  • rust removers or "rust prevention material"
  • mercury and battery fluid


Other hazardous substances such as:

  • poison or materials with anesthetic, nauseating or toxic effect that cause (over) nuisance or discomfort in the
  • event of a leak
  • magnets


The following applies to the storage and transport of lithium batteries or cells:

  • Battery: lithium content not higher than 2 grams / 100 Wh.
  • Cell: lithium content not higher than 1 gram / 20 Wh.
  • A maximum of 4 cells or 2 batteries in one device per shipment.
  • We may not store or ship loose batteries and cells or equipment with batteries / cells in addition
  • Cells and batteries in equipment may not fully discharge during transport. Therefore, package them tightly
  • (rigid outer packaging and fixing equipment are in the inner packaging).
  • There must not be a chance of the batteries overheating or shorting.
  • The batteries must not be damaged or defective.
  • The batteries must be tested.
  • You cannot send used lithium batteries or cells by post.
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